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Digital Display Case

In this digital display case you will find a selection from the artist’s work with his personal comment.


Digital Display Case


Married couple

Height on pedestal
250 cm
To be seen
At the entrance of old people’s home De Benring in Voorst.
There is a sketch plan of this sculpture (height 30 cm).

My first major commission was to construct a sculpture for the old people’s home De Benring in Voorst. Trying to concentrate on the subject I moulded this elderly couple as a preliminary study. I made the woman look away behind her husband’s back, so that a certain amount of space was created in the image as a whole. I did not want her to adopt a pose, but catch her in an act that I have often witnessed among people. “Not bad”, said sculptor Pieter d’Hont when he saw it at the foundry.”But never place a sculpture like this near an old people’s home”. D’Hont claimed that old people do not like being caught in their oldness.


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