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Digital Display Case

In this digital display case you will find a selection from the artist’s work with his personal comment.


Digital Display Case


Step by Step

15 cm

“Could you make a sculpture that is about my son?” a friend asked me. “I want to give it to him as a present.” Knowing his son, one thing was obvious to me: he has the guts to do things his own way. In the poem Het uur u by Martinus Nijhoff I found the inspiration for this progressing little figure:

But stranger, indeed, much stranger than that the street was empty was the fact of the complete soundlessness, and that the step of the man who had just rounded the corner left the silence as it was, yes, and that his full trot as he walked on created an ever deeper silence.

In the end every man goes alone, and this unicity of every human being forms a beautiful theme. A special detail of this figure, though as striking as simple, is the unexpected foot-sole. Progressing alone, which in fact holds good for every human being, gets a mystical significance.


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