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Digital Display Case

In this digital display case you will find a selection from the artist’s work with his personal comment.


Digital Display Case


Little man hurray

Height on pedestal
150 cm 
To be seen In the garden of old people’s home ‘Het Grotenhuis’ in Twello. (Holland)
All the castings are in private property

Schreurs about Little man hurray
As far as my little men are concerned I can say that they are the first to reveal my own handwriting in sculpting. The subject is very simple: soccer fans. The first little man (not on this display) standing with his arms tightly down, shows that the score is still 0 – 0. The second shows that the score has been opened. What we see now is exuberance. However, the more exuberant I made this expression, the more I wanted to make the image, and especially the feet, heavier. As if this exuberance had to be based on a solid foundation. As I continued work on the sculptures, the little men became thicker and the feet heavier. Finishing the little men took me a year. It took me a year to find my own handwriting.


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