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Digital Display Case

In this digital display case you will find a selection from the artist’s work with his personal comment.


Digital Display Case


Man of Breda

Height on pedestal
270 cm
To be seen
In front of the Chassé Theatre and the municipal offices in Breda

The twofoldness of this sculpture symbolizes the new municipal offices in Breda. There are two of them and they house the complete administration of the town. To me the space between the two parts of this sculpture is the most important item. This space symbolizes what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin calls the collective spirit of everyone’s holy self.

Besides, the sculpture places a critical note on the necessity of the existence of no less than two buildings for one purpose, The growth of individualism is responsible for this enormous complement of staff: The individual claims more and more rights. More and more peole want more, must have more. When will this stop? Will individualism ever perish/ And what does it really mean? What individualism means in my opinion can be seen in the bronze citizen: you can see right through it.


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