It is really this neck that runs on directly into the head. That big pondering head that is always thinking and doing something. This struck me when I first saw him. The striking likeness is the result of the fact that he struck me.  

Circus Horse

This circus horse strongly expresses my recurring theme. So strongly, indeed, that I could define it as a new stage. Like in ‘Girl and the dance’, ‘Girl in the wind’and ‘Little man hurray’ the is an upward orientation whereas the footing of the sculpture is very heavy. However, in this case the feet have not only been made heavier, but they are strange and different and can be seen as independent units, detached from the horse. The actual thought behind this is that playfulness of the mind can be given all scope if it is founded on a solid basis.

Like the figures in other sculptures the horsewoman has her head in the clouds. So high that the horse cannot be a realistic, genuine horse, but must be a circus horse. In other words: on the basis of the reality of the four legs of father and mother, a child can afford to live in a fantasy world.

Maybe it was this sculpture that made me aware of the fact that I was really making a passing manoeuvre with my former work and that now I allow a greater sense mf reality.


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