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In this digital display case you will find a selection from the artistís work with his personal comment.


Digital Display Case


Down slammer

Height on pedestal
250 cm 
To be seen
On the dike along the river Ijssel near the dike stool of Den Nul (between Deventer and Zwolle)

On the river dike near the dike stool in Den Nul, a hamlet between Deventer and Zwolle stands this down slammer. A down slammer is a man who used to work for a brick factory and removed hundreds of large brick moulds filled with clay from a cart and slammed them down on the flat floor. There the bricks, which were still wet, could start their drying process.
This sculpture was commissioned by the firm of Aberson in Olst that was known for the fact that it was the first firm in Europe to replace this heavy manual labour by machines.


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